Mar 23, 2021
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I’m Yun Wang, using the handle of @mogita (nearly) everywhere. I’ve worked as a software engineer since 2015. Before that, I wrote programs as a self-taught amateur. You can see my resume here.

I believe in many things: open source, remote working (one book that I recommend), RSS, cats dominate the human, Neo was The One, the Harry Potter folks do exist, and all those heavenly beautiful things from Michael Jackson’s songs.

You can also find a list of devices and softwares that I use most of the time.

This site was created with Hugo and a customized version of ezhil, without any trackers*. It contains my non-tech posts from my infant time in which you don’t want to be interested. This is my personal website. Opinions are my own.

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🦋 Fanfouer
🧑‍💻 Software engineer
🎧 Drummer, bedroom producer
🇸🇬 Located in Singapore
🇨🇳 汉语 🇬🇧 English 🇯🇵 日本語で数えることができる 🇪🇸 A veces leo en español


Quick contact through Telegram. Or seriously, write an Email.
[email protected]
PGP: 6DB7 2FE7 20F6 19F7 10CD B4C9 A0AA 1B9C 57A4 8ECF

Feel like talking? Block my calendar here

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