I’m Wang Yun, using the handle of @mogita (nearly) everywhere. I’ve worked as a software engineer since 2015. Before that, I wrote programs as a self-taught amateur. You can see my resume here.

I believe in many things: open source, remote working (reading), RSS, cats dominate the human, Neo was The One, the Harry Potter folks do exist, and all those heavenly beautiful things from Michael Jackson’s songs.

Here’s a list of devices and softwares that I use on a daily basis.

This site was created with Hugo and hugo-coder with some customizations, without any trackers*.

This is my personal website. Opinions are my own. It contains my infant time posts in which you don’t want to be too interested.

* Feel free to also block Disqus comments with Privacy Badger.

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🧑‍💻 Software engineer
🎮 Indie game dev
🎧 Drummer, bedroom producer
🇸🇬 Located in Singapore
🇨🇳 汉语 🇬🇧 English 🇯🇵 日本語で数えるのはできる 🇪🇸 A veces leo en español

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  • GMB - Your AI assistant for work, GPT chatting, multiple models, image creation, with lower prices.
  • YoCat - Powering the same named bot for recognizing and repost cat pictures
  • Go Fanfou - A Fanfou API library for Go
  • Vue Zydialog - A dialog component for Vue.js
  • Soundmono
  • FanstaFou (Retired)